Product Advantages

​Accel® II venturi valves are built and characterized at our headquarters to ensure quality workmanship that reflects years of Phoenix Controls engineering advancements. This high-performance, airflow metering device is the foundation of every airflow control system we provide and is backed by a five-year warranty. Its reliable performance has been proven in a wide range of critical environments, including laboratories, Vivariums, pharmaceutical cleanrooms and healthcare facilities.

When a building has critical airflow control requirements, testing and balancing (TAB) can be difficult and time consuming. Without the right device, you may find yourself doing it over and over. These redundant efforts are eliminated by installing the Accel II venturi valve. Its true pressure-independent performance and factory characterization saves time and money by reducing TAB time and ensures stability in room pressurization. TAB time is also reduced because every valve is factory characterized with a 48-point flow curve on NIST-certified valve characterization station at our US headquarters. This means that as soon as the valves are installed, most of the system commissioning can be completed before the fans are ever turned on.

Additionally, long-term stability is assured with true pressure-independent performance. Once the building system is running, conditions will change and so will system static pressures. The Accel II venturi valve’s unparalleled pressure-independent performance pays dividends with constant airflow control accuracy and proper room pressurization. This high-performance, airflow-metering device is the foundation of every airflow control system we provide whether it’s Cel​erisT​herisTrac​cel, or Analog.

  • Factory characterization reduces TAB time
  • Inlet and exit insensitivity allow for less costly ductwork designs
  • Long-term system stability assured with true pressure independence
  • No routine maintenance
  • High turndowns of up to 20:1
  • Speed of response of less than one second when required
  • Proven ability to help achieve LEED certificatio​n and Green Guide for Healthcare recognition​​​​​