Life Sciences Demonstration Space


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In the Life Sciences Demonstration space, a product specialist will conduct a guided tour through the suite to demonstrate state-of-the-art, Life Sciences ventilation design, including optimal space pressurization and energy-saving techniques. This space shows a typical lab support alcove that has been designed with a high-performance fume hood to demonstrate the performance and environmental control capabilities of Traccel®.

For Life Sciences facilities, precision airflow control means improved research integrity, superior mechanical flexibility and improvements in energy conservation. In this space, the Traccel ventilation system demonstrates a tracking pair application with an additional exhaust shut-off valve to support the high-performance fume hood. While still maintaining the desired space pressure, by a flip of a switch, this configuration demonstrates a cost effective solution with the ability to de-commission a support hood for energy savings. In addition, this system can also demonstrate the ability to locally initiate a pre-configured gaseous decontamination sequence, typically required for animal holding spaces or for routine quality assurance of many discovery/research programs.

Demonstration Suite Tour

View a photo tour of the demonstration suites on our Web site or schedule an in-person tour available by appointment through Phoenix Controls Regional Sales Managers. Contact information can be found under How To Buy.​​​​​​​​​​