Research Laboratory Demonstration Suite


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The Research Laboratory Area consists of a fully functioning, VAV fume hood lab, a bio-safety level 3 (BSL3) containment lab and a life science lab. The fume hood lab demonstrates numerous energy efficient solutions for high-speed fume hood containment and volumetric pressurization control. The BSL3 lab demonstrates Phoenix Controls innovative Progressive Offset Control for accurate and stable differential pressure control.

The wet chemistry and biocontainment labs use Phoenix Controls’ Celeris®controlled venturi valves and controllers, a product line designed specifically for the life safety requirements of research scientists.

Wet Chemistry Laboratory

Wet Chemistry labs are characterized as fume hood intensive and require fast, accurate and stable air flow control for proper containment and space pressurization. Phoenix Controls is the performance leader in this area for more than 20 years. During hosted customer visits at Phoenix Controls,a theatrical smoke machine is used to demonstrate the impact of 1 second speed of response on proper fume hood containment – under dynamic, real world, conditions. A Zone Presence Sensor® solution (also known as ZPS® sensor) is used to demonstrate that if the fume hood sash is left open and there is no user in front of “challenging” the hood, that it is safe to reduce the face velocity from 100 feet per minute to 60 feet per minute. Likewise, if a user walks up to the hood the <1-second speed of response of the Accel II valve insures the hood is safe to operate. A third demonstration is how fast, stable, accurate airflow control assures proper space pressurization using volumetric offset tracking. You will also see the effects on containment and pressurization of not using <1-second speed of response airflow control devices

Thermal anticipatory control and energy saving control sequences such as fume hood decommissioning and local diversity alarming are also in use in this area.

Biocontainment Room

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The biocontainment lab is a mock-up of a Bio-Safety Level 3 (BSL3) lab including a Class B2 Bio-Safety Cabinet and ventilated cage rack. The pressurization, ventilation and comfort controls are maintained using high speed electrically actuated Celeris valves with a feature called Progressive Offset Control (POC). The POC control algorithm layers a differential pressure control loop over top of a conventional volumetric offset control function.

A Local Display Unit (LDU) is mounted outside the lab to allow visualization of system performance as well as allow initiation of various control sequences.

The valves for the BSC, supply and exhaust are all low-leakage shut-off in order to demonstrate local or network initiated near bubble-tight shut-off for isolation or decontamination sequences. These, as well as occupancy control sequences may be initiated by the LDU outside the space or through a BACnet capable front-end system. In addition, you will see how a door switch is used to “Freeze” the pressure control loop to facilitate quick recovery and stable control after a door opens and closes, and rapidly switch to an “Alternate Offset” while the door is open to ensure directional airflow and reduce the possibility of contamination entering or escaping the lab under control.

An independent pressure monitor demonstrates the stability and accuracy of control as well as how quickly the space recovers after a disturbance such as an operational change or door opening.

Demonstration Suite Tour

View a photo tour of the demonstration suites on our Web site or schedule an in-person tour available by appointment through Phoenix Controls Regional Sales Managers. Contact information can be found under How To Buy.