Healthcare Demonstration Suite


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The Healthcare Demonstration Area is dedicated to running ventilation sequences similar to those in typical critical-care hospitals. The suite shows customers the full operation and benefits of using the Theris® product family, as demonstrated in mock-up hospital rooms that closely represent a real patient care environment.

The space contains three types of rooms considered critical environments by healthcare engineering guidelines; an operating room, an isolation room and a patient room designed to support a pandemic incident. During hosted customer visits at Phoenix Controls, product specialists conduct guided tours through the suite to demonstrate state-of-the-art healthcare ventilation design, including optimal space pressurization and energy-saving techniques.

The three rooms and adjacent hallway are outfitted with Phoenix Controls’ Theris venturi valves, a product line designed specifically for the unique requirements of healthcare HVAC operation.

Operating Room

Hospital operating rooms require reliable and accurate pressurization to ensure the room is continuously protected from potentially infectious airborne particles settling on sterile surfaces. Operating rooms are also high consumers of energy because they require high air-changes-per-hour so clean supply air can protect the surgical theatre and exhaust air can quickly sweep particles away from the patient. In the demonstration, two ventilation systems are compared; supply and exhaust VAV terminal boxes, and supply and exhaust Theris valves. The results clearly show Theris performs better than VAV terminal boxes for both energy savings and reliable pressure control.

Isolation Room

Isolation rooms are designed for either airborne infectious isolation (AII – negative pressure) or protective environment (PE – positive pressure). In the demonstration, an AII room is configured with an anteroom, showing Theris tracking pairs of supply and exhaust valves through transparent ceiling tiles. High air-change-rate and reliable pressurization is demonstrated, including the features of a large-display advanced pressure monitor that shows true differential pressure references between the rooms.

Pandemic-ready Patient Room

A pandemic-ready patient room is a normal patient room with a ventilation system designed to switch on-demand from neutral pressure and low air-change-rate to negative pressure and high air-change-rate. In this demonstration, customers are shown how healthcare facility staff can respond quickly to a sudden influx of patients that exhibit flu-like symptoms. With the press of a button, this room is converted from neutral recirculated air to negative pressure full exhaust air. The result shows how additional isolation rooms can be made available to respond to a pandemic emergency.

Demonstration Suite Tour

View a photo tour of the demonstration suites on our Web site or schedule an in-person tour available by appointment through Phoenix Controls Regional Sales Managers. Contact information can be found under How To Buy.​​​​​​​​​​​​