Phoenix Controls offers ventilation solutions under three brands: Celeris®, Traccel® and Theris®. Each control product family is built on the mechanical foundation of the precision engineered venturi valve and includes control features unique to specific ventilation applications.
Celeris​ is a platform of high-performance Variable Air Volume (VAV) airflow control valves for fume-hood intensive, high-level containment and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Celeris protects researchers and safeguards the integrity of the research environment in critical control environments, while offering optimum energy efficiency.
Theris is Phoenix Controls’ family of variable air volume (VAV) and constant volume (CV) airflow control systems designed for healthcare facilities. Using Theris, healthcare facility owners can reduce maintenance costs, reduce the spread of airborne pathogens and conserve more energy.
Traccel is Phoenix Controls’ family of airflow control systems designed to meet the needs of today’s life science facilities. With Traccel, life science facility owners can easily accommodate changes in airflow demands, reduce future HVAC renovation costs, and, most importantly, maintain the environmental integrity of the research facility.​​​