Solutions - Overview

Research Environments conducting extensive wet chemistry or hazardous biological experiments and production demand the safe, reliable and cost effective solutions for ventilation, pressurization and comfort controls of these critical environments. Phoenix Controls’ Celeris® platform combines the proven accuracy, stability and reliability of the Accel® II venturi valve with a dedicated digital controller to perform these functions. The valve controllers work together on a room level network to produce a high performance environmental control system that seamlessly integrates to any BACnet® capable building management system.

Life Science facilities call for research integrity, system flexibility, and reduced operating costs. A high performance mechanical system is integral to providing these features. Our Traccel® room control system also based on the Accel venturi valve utilizes a room control module overseeing multiple valves to provide superior space controls. This unique architecture maintains the accuracy and reliability for which Phoenix is famous at a cost point competitive with conventional air terminal units. In addition, the control system integrates seamlessly to any BMS partner for these critical environments via either BACnet or LonWorks® protocols or pairs with the Celeris system for multidisciplinary research facilities.

Healthcare​ providers are facing a re-defined preparedness caused by unrestricted international travel. Flexible space adaptable to quickly changing needs is the only way to be ready for the growing number of highly-communicable pathogens affecting public health. Easily transitioning patient care rooms, floors, or wings from recuperation to decontamination, isolation, or even pandemic mode are the best way to prevent the spread of virulent disease. But re-purposing healthcare spaces must be done without extensive transition times and costly changeovers in order to be effective. Phoenix Controls healthcare solutions provide the pressurization, ACH, climate control, and on-demand conversion necessary to contain the highly communicable diseases increasingly prevalent today like SARS, influenza, and Ebola​.

Phoenix's experience in these applications spans many industries, including government entities, pharmaceutical companies, academic and research universities and medical facilities. Since 1985, Phoenix Controls has provided premium solutions to prestigious customers such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Johnson & Johnson companies, University of California system, and Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. View our full customer list.

Selecting a Phoenix solution starts at a project's planning phase and continues through project commissioning.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​