Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

​​The Traccel® brand of products are designed specifically for life science facilities and can easily accommodate changes in airflow demands, reduce future HVAC renovation costs, maintain the environmental integrity of a research facility, and help earn the points to achieve an organization's LEED goals.  
Controlling these factors contributes directly to your operating margins, reducing risk and lowering facility costs. If there is one constant factor within the life science industry, there will be change. Change to accommodate new research or a new faculty member. It is essential to make the smart choices in facility mechanical design now, so that costs of change are less in the future.​

These spaces are characterized by:

  • High volume of conditioned air to achieve up to 150 to 200 ACH
  • Requirement for laminar airflow
  • HEPA filtration on both the supply and exhaust
  • Stringent requirements on temperature and humidity control
  • Need to verify proper pressurization
  • Requirement that ventilation, pressurization and climate control parameters be monitored for validation and verification purposes
  • The need to decontaminate the space between product change over
  • The high cost of downtime for maintenance or repair
All these challenges can be addressed using the Phoenix Controls Accel® II venturi valve and the Celeris integrated control system.​
  • Accel II valve is renowned for its ability to maintain accurate and stable airflow control
  • Pressure independence of the Accel II valve automatically compensates for HEPA filter loading and other variations in duct static pressure
  • Celeris Progressive Offset Control provides accurate and stable pressure control – especially with cascaded pressure zones
  • Highly configurable temperature control functions provide many options for precisely controlling local space temperature and humidity
  • Celeris system integrates seamlessly with BACnet® capable Building Management Systems – all present values are available for display and pressure, ventilation, temperature and humidity may be placed under the control of the BMS
  • Celeris shut-off valves and low leakage shut-off valves allow you to isolate the space for decontamination using network commands
  • Airflow control devices from Phoenix Controls require less balancing support then terminal boxes and no ongoing maintenance
​Celeris and the Accel II venturi valve combine to provide optimal airflow and climate control for pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanroom spaces that require high integrity control and reliability and seamless integration.​​​​