The primary objective of the ventilation control system for a Vivarium is:
  • Create a stable environment for the animals
  • Safety and comfort for the animals and the personnel
Minor changes in Vivarium conditions can be devastating to scientific research. For this reason, the role of the airflow and climate control system in a Vivarium can not be overemphasized. The well being of the animals is directly related to the quality of the research data and the success of the testing programs.
The Vivarium ventilation control system’s goal is to stabilize the macroenvironment (animal holding room) - and microenvironments (animal cages). This requires drawing cleaned conditioned air into the space and removing dirty, heated moisture-laden air, while maintaining proper room pressurization. The Phoenix Controls compact cage rack valves with the Traccel-TX system ensures control environmental integrity at the room and device level.
Please order our Vivarium Sourcebook for detailed information about animal holding rooms.