Patient Care (Critical and Nursing)

Phoenix Controls healthcare systems are configurable to meet a broad array of room-level patient care requirements from comfort control to decontamination or isolation. Settings can be made for ACH, pressurization, temperature and humidity, for mode settings like Occupied and Standby, and more specialized functions like shutoff. Responsive to changing commands, Theris control makes transitions between room modes or pressurization and environmental changes on demand with no lag and no downtime. Commanded by the BMS, Theris settings can also respond to overrides issued by local control from an APM2 typically mounted outside the room. The APM2 can also provide alarming for user specified events, display room status with on-screen banners, and provide live data for settings such as Humidity and Temperature – increasing staff efficiency and lowering care giver’s response time.​


 Patient Room


 Isolation Room