With escalating energy costs and greater demand for vaccines and medications, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are being pressed to reduce the time from approval to production and increase capacity of new and existing facilities. This demands that control systems be extremely flexible and able to be easily adapted for different flow and climate control requirements. Phoenix Controls offers an ever increasing portfolio of airflow control products that help to reduce start up and commissioning time, improve performance of the ventilation systems, reduce down time and the need for routine maintenance, and support the validation and accreditation efforts through a seamless integration with control and monitoring systems.

Phoenix Controls has been serving the pharmaceutical industry for over twenty years from several different perspectives:

Wet Chemistry Research Facilities – From fume hood control systems to ventilation and comfort control for the entire research floor or wing. Phoenix Controls has long been the premier supplier of fume hood control systems in laboratories used for research and discovery. The need to match the performance and speed of response of the fume hood control system led us to develop laboratory control systems with equal performance so that the lab space itself severs as a secondary containment perimeter. With hundreds of thousands of venturi valves installed in thousands of research facilities world-wide and the specialized focus expertise in fume hood laboratory control Phoenix Controls has innovative solutions for most any application. Please go to the Supporting Literature Form to order our Laboratory Sourcebook.

Vivarium Spaces – Phoenix Controls has developed several products specifically suited for ventilated cage racks and control of ventilation and climate control for Vivarium suites. From the patented compact Cage Rack valve to specialized HPV gaseous decontamination control sequences Phoenix Controls the knowledge and experience to handle these applications. Please go to the Supporting Literature Form to order our Vivarium Sourcebook.

Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms – The Celeris® control system provides a unique control solution for manufacturing spaces with Progressive Offset Control (POC). The POC control algorithms build on the volumetric offset control principles we have applied in fume hood labs and layers a differential pressure control function over top of it to provide accurate, stable, fast responding control. Features designed to respond to door openings and adjustable alarm and warning functions are built into the control function and may be turned on or turned off to suit the installation.

All the environmental control data is available to the BACnet® capable building management system to support validation and verification efforts. Ventilation rate, differential pressure control, temperature and humidity set points are all available to the front-end system to allow for flexibility in how the spaces operate. Highly reliable flow control products from Phoenix Controls reduce life cycle cost through easier start up with less balancing support required and virtually no on-going maintenance expense.

With over twenty years of experience, we offer control solutions designed specifically to satisfy the demanding requirements of Wet Chemistry Labs, Vivariums spaces and Cleanroom spaces.