Celeris® 2 Service Course

This class develops the skills necessary to troubleshoot fume hood, ventilation, occupancy/emergency control, and space comfort control (temperature, humidity, noise) functions through an in-depth understanding of Phoenix Controls' Celeris 2 control system. Instruction, demonstration and hands-on student labs teach fundamental exhaust and supply airflow concepts where Lon-based variable airflow valves, thermostats and fume hood controls all interact to control room ventilation. Special emphasis is placed on GWY301 and MacroServer integration.


To provide students an understanding of the skills needed to properly operate the Phoenix Controls’ Celeris 2 Lon-based product line and coordinate advanced technical support with the local Phoenix Controls’ representative. Students who successfully complete this course will receive Service Certification for the Phoenix Controls’ Celeris 2 system.

Intended participants

Facility maintenance personnel who operate and maintain an installation of digital equipment. For questions about the type of equipment installed in your facility, please contact your local Phoenix representative.
Duration: five days, 1:00 PM closure on day 5.


Phoenix Controls Training Center, 75 Discovery Way, Acton, MA. Please contact your local representative regarding onsite training options.

Course Details

  • Duration: Five days; 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., 1:00 p.m. closure on day 5.
  • Fee: $2,250.00 per student 
  • Class size: 4 to 6
  • Prerequisite: Prerequisites: Phoenix will provide training materials and tools during this course. Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Excel is bly recommended.
  • Course materials: All students will receive a course-specific training manual.

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